How it Works

The program can be run by individuals, within your church in a small or large group setting. Each video can be watched at your own pace or used as a course that runs for 6 weeks. After each video is watched individuals are responsible for completing the corresponding coursework that is provided*.


Each video lesson will cover a different topic:


Video 1: God’s Purpose for Your Finances

Video 2: The Power of Budgeting

Video 3: The Culture of Debt

Video 4: Saving and Why It’s Important

Video 5: Funding Your Future

Video 6: The Power of Giving


Our program can be taken a step further for those who may be struggling with debt by enrolling in Christian Credit Counselor’s Debt Management Program.

Through our program, we are able to help:


  • Lower monthly payments and interest rates
  • Pay off debt is less time
  • Eliminate late and over-the-limit fees
  • Instill peace of mind
  • All without having a negative effect on your credit score**


Let us educate your congregation on the importance of God’s plan for their finances as well as help them achieve debt-free living through Christian Credit Counselor’s Debt Management Program!


*The coursework is available to be downloaded and completed offline.

**Using a credit counseling service should not have any negative impact to your credit score, according to

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